Start Own SMM Business

Starting your own Social Media Marketing (SMM) business is an exciting journey that combines creativity, strategy, and entrepreneurship. In this digital age, businesses rely on effective social media presence to connect with their audience and drive growth. To embark on this path, educate yourself on the intricacies of social media platforms, trends, and algorithms. 

Everyone want to start own smm panel business. Many people can't start a smm business without proper knowledge. If you have a dream to start your own smm panel then this post is only for you. We have child panel option for you and you can start your own smm business in a day as like us.

In general, there are 2 main SMM panel types — regular panels and child panels. Let's break down the key differences between these two SMM panel types.

What is a child panel?

Child panel is a website like us which will allow you to sell all of our services automatically from your own website to your customers. Your domain will be connected to perfectpanel hosting and the customer never can know from where you are buying the services. We also have no access to your database.

Key Features Of Our Child Panel:

  1. Low cost: Monthly cost is only $20 only. You can get unlimited order in a month.
  2. Subscriptions: A powerful add-on to create auto likes, auto views, auto retweets, etc.
  3. Refill: This feature may be activated to perform an order refill even if a provider doesn't offer it.
  4. Drip-feed: Help your customers build social media engagement at the desired speed.
  5. Average Time: The average order processing time is calculated based on the order history.
  6. User API: Allows other panels to use your panel as a provider.
  7. Notifications: User and staff notifications for your panel.
  8. Import & Sync: Import & sync services with providers that use our platform.
  9. Profit Reports: Easily keep track of your profits in one place.
  10. Admin API: Lets the admin of a panel automate a number of tasks.
  11. Visual Editor: Quickly and easily transform the look of your panel.

Security and hosting: 

  • DDoS protection: Enjoy a stable and reliable SMM panel performance that is resistant to DDoS attacks.
  • Unlimited bandwidth: You will never be charged based on the number of visitors or traffic to your panel.
  • Your own domain: Use your own domain or purchase one with our help.
  • Free SSL certificate: Every panel includes a free 256-bit SSL certificate.
  • Content delivery network: Reduces download times thanks to a network of proxy servers deployed in multiple locations.
  • Regular backups: All your data will remain safely stored even if an emergency occurs.

How to buy a child panel?

1. You can buy a child panel from your user dashboard. But before buy you need to buy a domain from a reliable domain provider. So, buy only domain and we will provide SSL certificate and hosting.

2. After buy the domain you have to change domain name server to below address.

Please change nameservers to:

3.  Now from your dashboard you can buy the child panel. Check out below image for your easy understanding.

4. After buy the child panel sit back and relax. Our technical team will receive your order and active you panel in 0 - 24 hours. Once you will see the website is live you can set up the panel as you wish.

How to set up child panel?

This is very simple and fun and anyone can set up a child panel without any coding experience. We have created a details video on it and you can watch it now.

Frequently asked question:

If I buy a child panel with $20 then can I place unlimited order for free?

Answer: No, you are wrong. Panel cost and service cost is different thing. Child panel hosting, SSL, payment method processing, security and maintained cost is $20 per month. You have pay for the service you will order.

How do I make profit from the child panel?

Answer: That is easy and simple as link any other business. Example: You are buying service at $1 from us, so you have to sell it at $1.10 or more as you want. So, you will make $0.10 profile from here, hope you understand.

Can I take payment with my local currency?

Answer: Yes you can take payment at any currency from your customer and add their fund manually to their user balance. Example:

Customer xzy paid USD 10 worth local currency to you. Now you can add USD 10 manually to zxy user balance.

Once xyz will place order at your panel, it will auto come to our panel and we will take charge from your user balance on all marketing trends account and delivery the order. Customer never can know from where the order delivered.

Which payment method does the child panel have?

Our child panel support a large number of payment methods for customers from all across the world. You can active any of the bellow payment method on your child panel. We have set up them auto you just need to insert your payment account details and the payment will go to your payment account. Check out below and you can't believe you eyes.

Can you buy a domain name for me if I pay you for the domain?

Answer: Unfortunately no, there are many reason so we can't explain them here. You own have to buy that with your name and address, if you scam with people so that they can find out you.

What is regular panel?

A regular smm panel is a complete website which have same function as like all marketing trends. But a regular panel cost is much. The cost will be as per order quantity you will receive in a month. The more order you will receive the more monthly cost a regular panel have. Check out below image for your easy understanding.

You can buy a regular panel from here.